Saturday, November 5, 2011

Classic bagels

Autumn is here and before we know it winter is on the doorstep. For some people this is the worst time of the year, for myself the short days just means more time to spend in front of the open fire. Lots of films to watch, hot ports to drink and citrus fruits in season is all great things that makes the darker time of the year more bearable to me.
Other things to kill some time is of course baking, that will never become boring and there will always be someone up for freshly baked goods. A couple of weeks ago I had another go at making bagels, they turned out really nice. A crusty outside sprinkled with sesame seeds, a chewy inside with a good, dense texture; everything a bagel is about. So with a few bagels in the freezer even the darkest mornings can become really enjoyable. Serve them toasted with cream cheese. Or do you prefer marmalade or jam? The topping is really up to yourself, I can only provide you with the recipe.

1 comment:

  1. Hej Linnea!
    Jag levererar absolut produkter till Irland, det tar mellan 5-10 dagar och kostar £2.75 (om du går in på min shop och väljer land ser du precis hur mkt det blir totalt innan du beställer).
    Tack snälla för din fina kommentar förresten!

    Mvh Lisa

    Ps. detta recept verkar jättesmarrigt!