Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cinnamon bun crisps

Just as pancakes has its own day here in Ireland, the cinnamon bus has its own day in Sweden. This day is the 4th of October and I sure did my duty as a Swede abroad and baked some buns. When buns are fresh they are such a delight to bite into, but after a day or two they loose their freshness and a lot of leftover buns end up in the bin. Then I read about what delicious things they can be turned into; bread and butter pudding, french toast, grilled into a sweet bruschetta topped with apples and mascarpone...the list is long but one idea really caught my interest.
The bun is sliced thinly and put on a baking tray or wire rack, toasted in the oven and then dried out on a low heat to create crisp, biscotti-like biscuits to serve on the side of tea or coffee. I tried and it worked a treat. The bun is so rich itself that even though it's dried out it tastes sweet and buttery.
So just get some old buns, slice them up and toast on 175C for 5min, turn down the heat to 120 and continue to cook until the buns are dry and crisp.


  1. Jisses vad gott det ser ut =)

    Jag har en tävling på min sida som jag tänkte tipsa dig om, du kan vinna ett unikt smycke =)

    Och nästa vecka kan du vinna en köksassistent från OBH Nordica =)

    Titta gärna förbi och var med och tävla!


  2. Oh man tackar, har vart sa dalig pa att uppdatera bloggen att jag e forvanad att jag fortfarande har lasare:) kul me tavling, ska genast kolla. Tack igen!!